Why ShootAir Cylinders for Air Pistol Charging?

Why ShootAir Cylinders for Air Pistol Charging

Whether you’re a casual air pistol shooter who occasionally goes to the shooting range or you’re a seasoned competition air pistol marksman there can be a few challenges to how you fill your air pistol. With the need for an effective and portable solution to this challenge, we have the perfect solution for your needs.

To address this need, we made an innovative range of ShootAir’s Air Pistol refilling cylinders!

Our range of charging cylinders are also compatible with PCP air pistols too! All you need is your filling adapter that can screw in to the ShootAir charging hose, and you are good to go!

Top 3 Reasons To Choose ShootAir For Refiling Your Air Pistol

1. Handy and Fits Your Needs

Our entry level S2 and S3 sizes are the perfect charging options for air pistol shooters looking for a fast and convenient way to fill their pistols at the range or even at home. Because of their lightweight and small size, you can easily fit these cylinders inside of a backpack or carry bag for easy transportation.

2. Lighter Than a Scuba Tank

If you are looking for a size that you don’t need to fill as often, then the S10, S9 or S7 will have you covered! While these sizes are larger, the lightweight composite design means these 300 bar cylinders are still much lighter than other methods like a standard scuba tank. Plus they hold a higher pressure than most scuba cylinders so you will get more complete fills of your pistol before the pressure equalises.

3. Five Year Hydro Test Date and Unlimited Life

Another benefit of our ShootAir charging cylinders is that they come with an unlimited service life and a five-year test stamp – meaning you will be able to get them refilled for the next five years before needing a hydrostatic test. It also means if you take care of the cylinder you can continue to use it forever!

How to Buy ShootAir Charging Cylinders for Air Pistols?

These cylinders are available in both Australia and New Zealand. To find out your nearest dealer, all you have to do it enter your location and set your search radius on this page.

If there isn’t a dealer near you, contact your closest dealer and ask to arrange for the cylinders to be shipped directly to you. 

Still Unsure or Have any Questions?

Why not give us a call on (02) 9134 8566 or send us an email at info@shootair.com.au. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I require any special fittings or adapters? – Most of the time everyone already has the appropriate fittings when they purchase their air pistol or air rifle. So as long as your filling adapter has a 1/8” BSP male thread then it will be able to screw into the end of our charging hose. 
  • Where can I get the ShootAir cylinders refilled? – Most dive shops shouldn’t have any problems filling these cylinders as they have all the legal ISO certifications required in Australia and New Zealand to fill the cylinder. You can also take them to some safety equipment suppliers to be filled.
  • Where can I get the Shootair cylinders hydrotested? – Most of the places who fill the cylinders can also do the hydrotesting. You can also do a search on Google for ‘hydrotest stations near me’ to find out where your nearest test station is.

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